Monday, November 22, 2010

Sandwich Galore at Mercato Centrale

We are always on the go these days and a lot of times, we eat while we work. And most of the time, fast food stuffs aren't as healthy as home cooked meal and eating with one hand is quite hard to do. It's a good thing that someone invented sandwiches! You get a meal in the palm of your hand. However, most sandwiches are associated, especially by Filipinos, as a snack item because it's just two slices of bread with meat or spread inside. But, my sandwich perspective became different when I went to Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio  Global City, Taguig.

To give you a brief background on Mercato Centrale, it is a food bazaar every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am to 12:00nn. It was launched last November 21, 2010 and you'd be able to see all kinds of food that you won't know where to start eating! Anyway, going back to the sandwich business, I was able to find some intriguing sandwiches there and here goes...

Smokehouse Sandwich

This is one of the reasons I went to Mercato is my friend's booth. They have a variety of gourmet smoked sandwiches that's like no other. I personally like their Smoked Miso Tofu Sandwich and Smoked Pulled Pork Cumin Sandwich. Their price range from P145-P185...though prices seemed high but their sandwiches are big enough that can already be equated to a full meal. You can choose between white bread or whole wheat loaf bread. You can also upsize your meal by adding P75 for a cup of Peppermint Iced Tea and Rosemary Potatoes. So, roughly P260, you get a full healthy meal better than fast food sandwiches.

Pan De Bagnet

Who would have thought that you can use Bagnet (deep fried pork belly) as a filling in a sandwich? Beside my friend's booth, a Kapampangan family served the so called Pan De Bagnet. At first, I wasn't paying attention to it but people keep on coming back for it that it struck my curiosity. Then lo and behold, when I saw the mouthwatering bagnet in their toaster, I finally bought one to have a taste. My P150 Pan De Bagnet was like heaven! It was so delicious that I forgot that it's P150...I mean it's really worth paying that amount! I never thought that bagnet could be this good as a sandwich filling. They also have Lechon Tortilla where in they wrap the lechon flakes in Pita Bread with Kimchi. The next time I will go there, I gotta try it. I'm sure I won't get disappointed with it.

Johnny Steams

At Esprit De Noel Bazaar, I was offered to try their burger. And I was like, what's so special about it? I was told that their burgers were steamed and they put peanut butter in it. How does a steam burger with peanut butter taste like? I'm sure you'd say that it's weird and yucky. But was one of the best burgers I ate my whole life! They call it Yankee Burger, a young Stephenian entrepreneur invented this healthy stuff. I honestly don't like peanut butter at all and my concept of burger must have dripping oil with it. However, Yankee Burger totally changed my point of view on burgers. The price is at P125 with a generous cut of burger patty and some veggies. They will be at Mercato Centrale on the 2nd weekend of December 2010.

Wanna go on a higher level of food tripping? Well, Mercato Centrale is a place where all sorts of new food concepts can be found and where your tastebuds will surely be satisfied!


  1. i wanna try. i love sandwiches. are all these stalls present every weekend?

  2. yes they are present every weekend :) sorry for the delayed reply... :)


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