Monday, April 11, 2011

Kazy Garlik

Where do you want to eat? Anywhere. What cuisine do you want? Any. It's one of the hardest decision to make...where to satisfy your hunger. Especially if you're with people who are kinda picky when it comes to food. And there are a lot who, when you've already decided, they just tell you "I don't like it there!" ", where do you want to eat?" Then they would say "Anywhere but there." I know you can relate one way or another! But I have good news for you! Thank God for Krazy Garlik!

To tantalize your taste buds, we had a totally diverse meal when we ate there. We had Spinach and Cream Cheese Fritters for appetizer and it's really mouth watering! For the rice, we had Hara Kiri ---> spicy rice with shrimp, octopus and bacon....kanin na ulam pa! We also had Mushroom Mitsui as well as their famous Crispy Pata (the best Crispy Pata I ever had!). They also serve pizza and pasta...I'll try them out next time.

Krazy Garlik is one of the restaurants of the Bistro Group who is also the group of TGIF, Fish & Co., Italianni's, and Flapjack's. When I heard that it's part of the Bistro Group, my expectations were high and I did not get disappointed. This is the place where you can have all kinds of cuisine in one restaurant. So, when you can't decide where to eat, Krazy Garlik is the next place to hang out. They have branches at Greenbelt 5 and Resorts World.

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