Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chef Tony's

Movie nights will never be the same without a bowl of popcorn. Of course, as we all know, the usual flavors are butter, cheese and the salted one. However, Chef Tony's Popcorn was able to develop popcorn into a higher level. I was able to meet the man himself yesterday and was privileged to listen to some of his popcorn stories.

They have developed a new flavor called the Yummy Flavor intended for Yummy Magazine. It is mixed with Southern French Herb and Cream Cheese. At first, I had doubts in the taste but when I was able to actually taste it, man, I couldn't stop taking another bite and another bite to the point I have to close the tub to stop nibbling! They only manufactured 500 tubs for introduction and will eventually become a regular item in the near future. It costs P175 per big tub and is available in selected Chef Tony's branches. Like what I said earlier, movie nights will never be the same without a tub of Yummy Chef Tony's Popcorn!

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