Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boracay Food Trip

Ah...Boracay! It has always been one of my best vacation spots here in the Philippines! I have been there for four times already and every visit has always something spectacular that happened. This year so far, was the best! Because my friend and I just went there to eat and eat and eat and eat!!! It was like we've been eating the whole day! So hold your appetite as I walk your through the three-day Boracay food trip that we had...

Smoke (D'Mall, Station 2)
I first ate there last 2007 when I was with my family to celebrate my aunt's birthday. From then on, I made sure that I had to eat there. In fact, I celebrated my birthday last year at Smoke too! Their specialty is the Beef Salpicao (sauteed spicy beef rice topping), Kad Pao (sauteed beef with green mangoes and egg topped on bagoong rice) and Sizzling Bulalo. The price is very reasonable as one rice bowl is just P95. We also had their sizzling prawns and the sauce...perfect with the garlic rice!

Jony's Fruit Shake (Station 1)

Going to Boracay without a sip of the fresh fruit shake will not complete your trip.   Jony's offers a wide range of fruit shakes and milk shakes to choose from but for me, the Best will always be the Avocado Shake (seasonal) and Mango Shake. My friend had Buko Shake and she told me that their Pineapple Shake is also very good (there's a reason to go back!). Their shakes are very thick and not too much ice. The price ranges from P90-P100 depending on the fruit and fruit combination.

Manana (Station 1)

So far, the best Mexican food I ever tasted! They make their own sauces and sides. Very authentic Mexican food! My favorite dishes are their Enchiladas and Tacos. Although their set meals are kinda pricey but it is good for two. We also had soft tacos and the fun part is you get to wrap the filling on your own. I also love their salsa and because of the authenticity, you know that it is freshly made.

Bite Club (D' Mall, Station 2)

Craving for a burger? As in BURGER! Bite Club offers a burger that's somehow guilt free because it is char-grilled...therefore, NO OIL! We ordered Bombarella, a half pound burger with mozzarella cheese. It was a good thing we shared the burger because it was so BIG that I, myself can't finish everything on my own! You will also be given a wide range of sauces to top your burger. A burger will not be complete if you did not order some fries. Their Crispy Fries is like Jollibee's but has a better taste because they season it with some pepper to enhance the taste. Their burgers price range from time I had to try their Triple X burger with some friends. How is that possible? They have a branch here in Katipunan! Woohoo!!!

Aria (D'Mall, Station 2)

Beach life won't be complete without pizza. Aria is one of the oldest establishments in Boracay that serves Italian food. Their pizza is baked in a stone oven, so, no oil is needed. We had the Aria Pizza with Parma Ham (Italian Ham) and it's taste would enhance if you put some chili oil in it. Although it's quite expensive but when you go to Boracay, Aria is a place where you must try their pizza and pasta!

D' Talipapa (Station 2)

How could you go to Boracay without eating seafood? Just walk a little further and D' Talipapa is where you can feast for seafoods! From prawns to clams to oysters to lobsters, name it and you can have it! The style here is that you need to know how to buy your fresh catch and how it should be cooked. But I do recommend that for crabs, have it with chili sauce. For lobsters, butter garlic sauce and for the prawns, let them grill it. By the way, although we didn't have oysters, I suggest you have them baked topped with cheese, butter and garlic...yum!

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe (Station 1)

Craving for a dessert like no other and only in the Philippines? Then, you better have the Calamansi Muffin at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. It's P40 and would surely satisfy your tangy craving. You can even make some pre-order to bring it back to Manila.

I guess, after reading this blog, you are now hungry...well, I think you better pack up your stuff and have a Food Trip in THE party island, BORACAY!

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