Saturday, July 31, 2010


There are a lot of burger place around the metro and they're not just your ordinary fastfood burger but BURGER! You have Brother's Burger, Wham Burgers, Charlie's etc. These burger places serve big burgers that can be equated to one full meal. The pricing is also higher than the fast food burgers.
I'm not really a burger fan but there's one burger place that I will go back to when I go to Eastwood City. The name of the restaurant is Stackers. It is located at the Eastwood Citywalk beside the new Eastwood Mall. Compared to the other burgers I've eaten, this one's the best! You can really taste the mouth watering beef in the patty unlike some other burger patties, you eat more of the oil than the patty. And the bun, it just looks hard but it is so soft that it complements the whole stack! I'll have to admit, one is not enough even if it's that big! For appetizer, try their mozzarella sticks and dip it in their salsa...I SO LOVE THE SALSA!

For the price, it's kinda high but for me, it's worth paying because you pay for the real thing. No regrets! The next time I crave for burgers, Stackers will now be my first choice to go on a Food Trip!

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